Wining & Dining in Italy

We’ve just released the second in our ‘wining and dining’ series of books, Wining & Dining in Italy, which is now available in bookstores and online (amazon features it for just $9.97, a nice discount from the list price of $12.95; click on the title above to take you there). The first book in the series, Wining & Dining in Paris, is now in its second edition in just a year, so we’re quite happy with that!

9781593602123-smallAuthors Andy Herbach and Karl Raaum have long experience eating and drinking their way through Italy, having written and revised their best-selling Eating & Drinking in Italy, now in its 7th edition. In Wining & Dining in Italy, they bring you 200 restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, food markets, coffee shops and much more up and down the entire country, including southern Italy and Sicily. The book has 37 maps, lots of fun illustrations, essential Italian phrases and a pronunciation guide, tips on budget dining, mealtimes, and a region-by-region breakdown of Italian wine and culinary specialties. It’s a short and very sweet masterclass in Italian wine and food. Buon appetito!

Happy New Year

Here’s hoping that all of you have a great 2014!  I like this pic so I thought I’d share; here’s how they brought in the new year in Montepulciano, Italy.

Photo by Pug Girl,

For more on things to do in Italy at any time of the year, pick up our Best of Italy by Douglas E. Morris, now on sale at amazon for just $12.51!