Two New Paris Guides

We’ve just released two new Paris guides in the last month: Valerie Gwinner’s Open Road’s Paris with Kids, 4th Edition, and Wining & Dining in Paris, 2nd Edition, by Andy Herbach & Karl Rauum.


In Valerie’s book, you’ll learn everything you could possibly want to know about taking the kids with you to the City of Lights. Yes, we know, Paris is the quintessential romantic city, but it is also an incredible place for the kiddies to explore everything from the labyrinth of the catacombs to tracking down Nicholas Flamel, from racing miniature sailboats in Luxembourg Gardens to hunting for gargoyles at Notre Dame! Color photos, text, and maps.



As for Andy and Karl’s guide, not only will you learn all about the wines of each region of France, but you’ll get the lowdown on Paris’s top 150 restaurants, wine bars, wine stores, cooking classes, food shops and more – plus a very handy French culinary glossary and pronunciation key. Wine recommendations and favorite dishes are recommended throughout, as are historic restaurants and budget dining tips. Features great illustrations and 43 maps!

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