Can I eat ‘Krapfen’ – and Do I Want To?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this post, in short, is absolutely yes.  For krapfen is an Austrian jelly donut or fritter. And this is just one of an amazing world of Teutonic culinary delights with which many Americans remain at best only slightly familiar.

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Here’s author Andy Herbach’s introduction to this unique book:

“We know the panic of opening a menu without recognizing one
word on it and the disappointment of being served something other
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we were served a plate of cold brains; we thought we had ordered

Can you imagine a foreign traveler who speaks basic English
understanding what prime rib is? Or a porterhouse? Veggie platter
anyone? Buffalo wings? Sloppy joes?
Even people who speak passable German can have trouble reading a
menu. You might be surprised to see Himmel und Erde on a menu.
Although it means “heaven and earth,” it’s a dish of blood sausage
with mashed potatoes & apple sauce.
Experienced travelers know the importance of a good guide to get
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