The Library Hotel Collection in NYC

We have written before, in one of our older New York City guides, about the four hotels that make up the Library Hotel Collection. I’m going to be staying at two of these great hotels during Thanksgiving Week, while my daughter and two of her friends wave their little hands off atop one of the floats in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. More on that next month!

I wanted to briefly highlight one of these hotels today:  the Library Hotel.  In a few days I’ll discuss the Hotel Giraffe.  I will have a lot more to say on them after we stay there.  But I have word from friends and strangers alike that their stay in these hotels was top-notch, so we are very much looking forward to a fun time at each place.

The Library Hotel, at 299 Madison, draws its inspiration from the Dewey Decimal system. No kidding. The hotel’s 60 rooms are spread over ten floors, with each floor bearing a theme from Dewey’s grand plan:  social sciences, literature, languages, math and sciences, and so on.  Book lovers are sure to enjoy the hotel’s collection of 6,000 books (I will check to see if they have a collection of Open Road travel guides as part of their book-hoard). For you lovers of cacao, you’ll be treated to Belgian chocolates with the nightly turndown service.

The hotel boasts a reading room with 24-hour-a-day freebies featuring tea/coffee/capuccino/cookies, complimentary evening reception with wine, cheese, and the like, and complimentary continental breakfast. On the hotels’ 14th floor rooftop level, there is a bar and terrace garden.  I’m looking forward to relaxing in this cozy spot, complete with fireplace, with a copy of my well-thumbed Wodehouse and a warming single malt!

I’ll leave you with this:  if you pre-pay for a room, you get 20% off.  That is a very good deal in these times.  There are some other special offers too, like the “Snowy Streets Warm Sheets” package that sound perfect for the approaching winter weather.

Next post will be on the Hotel Giraffe, near Madison Square Park, setting the stage for our Thanksgiving week stay there.  Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “The Library Hotel Collection in NYC

  1. Hi. I have not personally steayd at the pennsylvania Hotel but have read quite a bit of bad reviews and seen some pretty awful pictures. go to and get reviews and see pictures for yourself.As for location it is perfectly located by Penn station so you can take the subway anywhere from there or also walk and get to a lot of places within a few minutes like time square or the empire state building. I am going to NY later this month and staying at the new yorker ramada which is basically on the other side of penn station from where the Pennsylvania Hotel is.I dont know how much luck you will have paying in cash because most hotels need a credit card to hold your reservation unless you are planning on not making a reservation which is risky in itself. Hope this helped a little. Michele

  2. The travel buseniss is a messy, dog eat dog, dying buseniss. If you are just getting into it, I wish you luck. You are going to need it. Commissions are never guaranteed. Travel agents have the same problem trying to get hotels to pay the commissions.. We usually have to hunt them down. You may want to consider seeing if you can build-in a non refundable service fee on your site that is tacked on when the hotel is booked. That way know matter what happens with the booking you are guaranteed at least that for your effort..That’s what travel agents do now with airline tickets, since the airlines no longer pay travel agents commission on tickets they book.. Good Luck

  3. I just got back from New York City last weekend. I staeyd at The Pod hotel. It is under $225 a night. It is located right next to the 51st Lexington ave subway. The rooms are modern and very clean. I staeyd in the bunk room with my friend. It was $157/night with tax (I went through We each had a 10in flat screen tv on each bed and their was an iPod docking station in the room. The bar next door was an awesome New York neighborhood bar. Times Square and Greenwich Village were only a couple stops away. Hope you have fun! Check out

  4. Well 120 a night is high for me but I’ve been unable to find many holtes in big cities that are less so I used that as an estimate. The job I work at pays very little. It’s pathetic actually the amount of money I make and I work with kids! I have to begin saving for a trip a year in advance just so I can keep something in my bank account. I love working with kids but my pay you can’t actually live on unless you have a very strict budget. I’m glad to hear of this hostel. I may have to go with that. It would save me so much money!

  5. The Circus! circus-berlin.deIt’s a hoetsl/hotel. My boyfriend and I stayed in one of their private rooms for 48 euros a night, but a single goes for only 32 euros. It has showers down the hall, but theyre also very private. If you want your own bathroom, they have hotel style rooms for 45 single, 60 double and they have apartment rooms w/kitchens in them for a little more. It’s a great hoetsl! Very clean, tons of services, good breakfast, incredibly helpful staff I highly recommend them.

  6. THANK YOU! I didn’t want to have to dish out 120 per night but I don’t know of too many hotels in huge ciites that charge less. I may have to look into this place. I’m not one for hostels. I don’t like sharing the bathroom and showers. I like my privacy, especially when I’m on vacation but since you mentioned for a little more I can get a more private set up I may have to look into it. Thanks so much! : )

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